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Anonymous whispered:
I only became really invested in Sailor Moon in 2010. For someone who liked the show for much longer than that I have to ask what exactly it's like right now living through such a massive renaissance for the show? I mean with new (Hi def) releases of the original show, a new dub of the anime and manga, an all new anime, new musicals, music videos and seemingly every corner of the internet talking about the franchise and (mostly) praising it, the series is a pretty big deal right now


What a great question! 

What is it like? It’s fantastic. It’s like heaven, like a dream that none of us ever expected to become reality. 

I think a lot of us have a little bit of a hipster in us going “I liked it before it got big again” but for the most part, I’m ecstatic about its revitalization. It’s been given a new life and the idea of young children getting to experience it like it’s brand new again just fills me with joy. But more than that… the fact that new musicals and a new anime have come out means that those of us who were wide-eyed kids the first time around get a second chance to be that now! 

For a long time, with it being static, we had to just make do with rewatching/rereading the same things over and over. Some of us (read: me) analyzing them to death, trying to pick out little things each time, to find some way to make it new again. But the more you watch it, the further away you get from that first feeling. The feeling of experiencing something fresh. You know that feeling when you start a new book series, or a new anime, and you are not far in and already going “wow! This is so amazing! I’m so glad I picked this up.”? You start to forget that by the time you get to the sixth book in the series or the 200th episode and it becomes routine.

Now we get to have that feeling again. Sure there are things that we already know, but the animation is new. The music is new. There’s all sorts of little things we can never expect ahead of time, little twists, easter eggs… And even better, these come with little references to the earlier incarnations. It’s like we get the best of both worlds: the feeling of starting something new, and the feeling of knowing every facet of a series. All in one package. It’s wonderful.

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not sure what it is about tiny bows on bras and underwear but theyre neat as hell

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